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I will go Denmark


Hey hey, I´m staying goteberg in sweden.but goteberg is not japanese, japan name is yedehori, Why?


I can´t see Japanese. I`m using English.I`m booking ferry ticket to denmark now, I can buy direct to boat terminal. But price is diffarent, If I used internet. So I´m conecting.Depature time is midnight, and I can start travel denmark. hxuuu. North europpa is long way. I stayed two month, and run 4500km?

I did`nt speak Japanese for 3 month. I speak english every time. My english is littleby well. so usually I don´t speak no many. But I need cominication sometime. I travelled Polish guy togerther yesterday and today. We spoke a lot of English.

I will go south when arrive denmark, I will rest some germany city. I think bremen. after, I will run netherland berugim luxsemberg.

I will write Japanese somewhere. See you then.



・周藤 卓也(しゅうとう たくや)
1983年 福岡県生まれ。


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  • Rin より:

    Hi Takuya-kun, you pedaled very quick!
    I’m still in Paris and I’ll get the Morocco at the end of Nov. I’m cycling not fast, so we’ll meet somewhere in the Morocco.
    Bremen is beautiful Hansa city, stay few days is nice. Of course the price is cheaper.
    Enjoy and hope see you soon!

  • shuutak より:

    I think I can’t early run. I’m afraid this winter. and I will stay morocco long time. I have to change my speed wwww, I am thinking I have to stop early time in west africa. and I wanna across to Capetown to Cairo. not sure. I will contact you somewhere.